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Agriculture Partners LLC Joins Ag Leader’s Prestigious Dealer Network

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(10 Sep 2013) – StraightLine Ag, Inc and Ag Leader Technology are proud to announce the addition of Agriculture Partners LLC to our elite precision farming distribution network. Based in Montgomery County, Agriculture Partners LLC currently offers independent soil testing using Smart Sampling™. For StraightLine Ag and Ag Leader, Ag Partners will offer sales and service to producers in Sangamon, Christian, Montgomery, Bond, Fayette and Effingham counties.

Vince Reincke, the owner of Ag Partners, commented “We are excited about our new partnership with Straightline Ag as it will allow us to provide excellent service to customers with Ag Leader, Auto Farm, Ravens, Capstan and Headsite products. Additionally, we are pleased Ryan Reincke is leading our Smart Sampling™ and Precision Ag division.”

“We are excited to welcome Agriculture Partners LLC to our prestigious dealer network,” says Mike Olson, North American Sales Manager. “We recognize one of a customer’s most important resources is their precision farming dealer, and our goal is to provide Ag Partners with a number of tools to help them better educate and support their customers.”

“The RTK tower network owned and maintained by StraightLine Ag, in combination with the service provided by Ag Partners will be extremely helpful to producers in South Central Illinois,” says Bryan Fehr, General Manager of StraightLine Ag, Inc. For more information about the products and services offered by Agriculture Partners LLC, please visit:

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