Precision Ag

Veris Technologies:

Veris Soil EC


The Veris Soil EC is pulled through a field and takes measurement of how much electricity is conducted within the soil.

This is an effective way to map soil texture (CEC); small particles such as clay will conduct more than larger particles such a silt or sand.


Veris Optic Mapper


The Veris OpticMapper is a sensor that detects the levels of organic matter as you go through the field.

The OpticMapper and Soil EC will work together so that we can create a custom map of the CEC and OM.

Once these maps are developed it will help us figure out how to divide the field into management zones.

The reason these two components are so important to us and to you is because they can vary seed population rates, nitrogen, and other inputs.


What do these maps look like?

Here is a sample map:

VerisMap arrowZoneMap

Precision Agriculture Equipment:

Precision agriculture is a management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops. Since SmartSamplingTM falls into this definition of precision agriculture we decided to partner with Jenner Precision in precision agriculture sales and services.

What can you use this equipment for?

  • Guidance & Steering
  • Yield monitoring
  • Variable rate planting
  • Liquid/ dry fertilizer monitoring
  • Variable rate fertilizer
  • Variable rate nitrogen
  • Water Management
  • DATA management